David Jack

Illustrator & Cartoonist

I’m very passionate about the creative process, self-expression and connecting with others through art. I’m inspired by European and Asian art, popular culture, urban landscapes and everyday life in post-modern world. I like to meditate on subtle feelings linked to the perceptions of moments, using a spontaneous line obtained from Japanese brushes dipped in India Ink or from news-agency mechanical pencil, finished with some light watercolours, gouache or acrylics. 

I like to create art, illustrations and comics. I also participate in the local art scene, and volunteer some of my time to help disadvantaged kids tell their own stories. 

I lived for many years in Sydney and Taipei. I currently live in Barcelona in the Eixample District. I have a deep understanding of European, Asian and the Australian way of life. I also been a visitor in America and Africa. I speak English, Chinese, Spanish and Catalan. I create for a global audience using my local experiences as a bridge between cultures. 


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